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Energy Instruments



Transmitter of Subtle Energies




All instruments by Cristovão Brilho are spiritually channeled to bring about energetic balance. With this balance comes the well-being of the individual and the full restoration and functioning of the physical body. Cristovão operates in accordance with the belief that all illnesses, excluding those that are congenital, are caused by emotional and energetic imbalances. We do not guarantee a cure. The results will vary from person to person and in our work we recommend the use of conventional medicine. To us, what is more important is that you heal.



Energy Healing - Cristovao BrilhoEnergy Healing - Cristovao BrilhoEnergy Healing - Cristovao BrilhoEnergy Healing - Cristovao Brilho



Energy Balancing & Cleansing Crystals are powerful energy-balancing tools, and all eleven crystals of the Transmitter of Subtle Energies are specially programmed with healing properties by Cristovão Brilho. This instrument transmits subtle levels of energy that:


  • Balance your auric field, thereby sealing every open hole through which external negative energy enters and attacks the body.

  • Cleanse your physical, emotional, and spiritual body of all negative energy sent to you externally, thereby maintaining a healthy and pure body, mind, and spirit.

  • Balance your chakra points, thereby restoring the energetic points responsible for physical health.

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