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Frequent Asked Questions



1. Why should I use these products?
All of Cristovão Brilho’s products are prepared under the spiritual guidance of Dr. Fyeer (a spiritual doctor) containing natural elements, such as: food coloring, essential oils and special quartz crystals (the best equalizer of energy on the planet). The crystals are programmed by Cristovão Brilho (a paranormal) and always under the guidance of Dr. Fyeer. The crystals contain vibrational technology capable to act through your energy and your aura to assist you in obtaining your goals. For this reason, there are so many different programs.

2. For how long should I use the products?
There is no pre-determined amount of time. These products will always be working on your energy, and you can use them for as long as you would like.

3. What is the difference between the products?
The major difference is in the program in which they are used. All the products have been programmed with a specific purpose which is very clearly defined and is easy to comprehend.

4. Can more than one product be used at the same time?
Absolutely. The programs are very specific, thus allowing you to use more than one depending on the desired outcome.

5. For how long, after opening, will the product carry the program?
All the products are created to act on your vibrational field, and the crystals are programmed for a specific purpose. Once opened, the products should be used within 45 days. However there is a 6-months validity for all other materials, with the exception of the crystals.

6. Can anyone use Cristovão Brilho’s products?
Yes. There are no restrictions at all and these products will always help you.

7. Is faith needed for the products to be effective?
Not necessarily. These products combine elements that spiritually and energetically create the idea; conditions for you to obtain your desired outcome. However, faith is fundamental when one wants their life filled with Light.

8. How soon will I be able to notice the results?
We always work with the intention of helping you achieve your goals as soon as possible. There is no way to pre-determine time, since it can vary from person to person. The results are, most of the time, very satisfactory.

9. Once I am finished with the products, what shall I do with the crystals?
The crystals should be returned to nature.

10. How do I decide which product to use?
Find out more >> The one that you feel more drawn to use will be the right one for you.

11. Can I use these products on my pets?
Yes, since these products are working on their energetic/vibrational field your pets can be benefited tremendously.

12. Can these products be used in surroundings, such as: home or office?
These products are extremely effective in homes and offices, and everyone in these surroundings will benefit.

13. How do I use these products in my home, office, car?
There are several ways, however diluting the product in water and misting every room or the inside of a car is very effective. Always keep in mind your desired outcome.

14. Can one product be mixed with another?
Yes, as long as you don’t mix the different products in the same container. For example: you can apply two or more products on your body when you shower or bathe however you cannot mix, for example the calming oil with the cure oil in the same bottle.

15. Will I develop any allergy or reaction to the products?
No allergic reaction is possible. Since these products have as one of their program to detox/cleanse the body of negative energies that are stimulating illnesses, it is possible for the body to react. When eliminating these negative energies, in rare occasions, the body might present small reactions such as: itchiness, redness, or tingling.

16. What is the advantage of using these products?
The results obtained. These products have proven to bring about a high level of success in obtaining your goals.

17. How do these products work?
These products work under spiritual guidelines. Therefore they act via the energetic bodies, being able to obtain any and all needs that you have in your life. Be it from a simple to the most grave problem.

18. How do I know which product to use?
It is easy. You just need to know exactly what it is that you want to achieve.

19. What should I do if I cannot decide on which product to use?
Find out more >>
First of all, use your intuition. If you cannot decide, you can consult us, and Cristovão Brilho will identify the one you need. Consult us now.

20. Can I pick a product for someone else?
Yes. You will be helping someone else by using your intuition independently of the other person’s beliefs. The use of the product will bring about much benefit to that person, from the simplest treatment to the most complex cure.

21. Can I use Cristovão Brilho’s product even if I am pregnant?
Yes, there are no restrictions.

22. If I am using other energetic products, can I use Cristovão Brilho’s products?
Yes, there will be no conflict since our intention is to work on your wellbeing and improving your quality of life.

23. Can Cristovão Brilho’s products help autistic children?
Yes, these products work at least in calming these children and working on their acceptance and understanding of their condition.

24. Can the Indigo children benefit from these products?
Yes, these products will help the Indigo children by bringing them understanding and preparing them for their mission on the Planet Earth.


The work of Cristovão Brilho, as well as his products, is not associated with any kind of religion, sect, or political party. The use of these products is not intended to substitute any medication or medical treatment. We do not discourage the use of conventional medicine. Cristovão Brilho’s products are spiritual, our intention is spiritual, our conviction is spiritual and our Mission is to work in improving your quality of life by making you a better human being able to fulfill “YOUR MISSION”.

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