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JUNE 2018


Color: GREEN

Keyword  HEALING

Crystals: green quartz, emerald, green calcite, green fluorite, malachite, green agate, green mica, fuchsite, jade, any green crystal.

How to use the crystals: Every day hold a GREEN crystal for 3 minutes with your LEFT hand

Tips for the month:

Surround yourself with the color green by eating green foods, wearing green clothes, placing greens around the house, place a green crystal on your night table, on your desk, in your car, sleep with green sheets. 
Work with the green part of the Optia Symbol.

Ritual and Mantra: (to activate the brain and boost your ritual)

Make use of a ritual to help you communicate to the Universe your intention and do the mantra associated with the ritual to activate in your brain the part that deals with the emotion or action needed for the month.

New white or clear dish (glass or plastic);
Paper with name (up to 2 people)
1 bag of HEALTH Salt
1 bottle of  GUIDES & ANGELS Oil
3 GREEN crystals


How to prepare:

On the back of the paper with the names or picture you must write the following mantra:


This mantra must be repeated daily at least once a day for one minute (may be repeated silently) for 21 days

Place paper with names and Mantra on bottom of dish
Sprinkle the bag of salt
Pour all the oil
Place crystals  on top

Allow this ritual to remain in a quiet place for 21 days and then offer it to spirituality by placing it in nature.

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Instituto Cristovao Brilho

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